Cracks on my wall, should i be worried?

Waking up to the cock crow , bird chipping and the sun rising, looking out the mirror only to notice there is a crack on the wall of the house, still that wasn’t enough getting up to go shower only to find another crack close to the door... Ever thought of why there is a crack on every wall or house?

Some cracks are inevitable; it could be just a cosmetic problem (hairline crack) or could indicate a more serious structural issue. Research done according to shows that a good indicator of structural damage is looking at how long and large the wall crack is.  If it is substantial (more than 1.5 inches wide), and the crack persists even after numerous repair jobs, or you have difficulty closing your windows and doors, it might signal a structural problem. At this stage, it is best to rope in a professional to assess the situation and handle the job for you.      

Hairline cracks these are non-structural cracks and are more common in most homes and are sometimes unavoidable. They tend to surface near windows and doors and can appear due to a variety of reasons.
Amongst all, most common reasons, why you can find cracks in houses ranges from

I. Contraction and expansion: The materials that make up your wall (paint and plaster), contract and expand due to fluctuations in humidity levels and temperature changes. This is usually a problem if the wall is within a room that is periodically air-conditioned or it faces the afternoon sun quite a bit. The movement of contraction and expansion can cause hairline cracks to appear.

II. Low quality paint: Inferior or low quality paint results in poor paint adhesion on your wall which could result to hairline crack. Using different paints for each paint coat could cause cracks as well.
III. Impatience during plasterwork: Not letting cement plaster completely dry before applying paint is actually quite a common factor attributed to cracks. 

Why not take a minute or two to check out that crack if its telling you there is a structural damage that needs to get fixed or its just hairline.

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