Mr Orji Peter, a digital marketer with Prucriz has something to share with us;

Buying into ideas at the initial beginning, especially when it requires you to invest both time and money could be unappealing especially when you are not sure of the turnout.

It mostly said that nothing good come easily, even one of the most sought out material of all times ‘‘gold’’ doesn’t look like it in its initial stage, it has to go through heat and series of refining process.

While working as a phone technician at Emab Plaza in Wuse 2 Abuja, I once came across a young man who said, ‘‘my father had the opportunity of buying a large portion of land in Maitama in the early 1980s.  Although at that time it was undeveloped, he concluded it was nothing but a wasteland and nothing good could come out of it, discarding the idea and turning down the offer. Only for him to realize years after that this once said wasteland had become the home to various Embassy and owning a piece of land in that area is like having a treasure bank because of its value.

 That today, is still his greatest regret.’’ His advised was, ‘‘you do not want to pass up any opportunity.’’ According to Adam Grant, from Ted 2016 in one of his session, ‘’Originals’’ are people or things that turn out well, successful and valuable but at the initial beginning look nothing like you expected.

Would you rather stick a bet (invest) or gamble away that opportunity?                                        

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