Pete a well to do young man, with a ``must be perfect`` personality was heard murmuring after he was done with his; what seemed to be an argumentative conversation over the phone. Was asked by a friend what was wrong. I noticed hairline crack on the wall of my sitting room and wanted it fixed immediately, so I placed a call to a building firm only to be told they are booked throughout the day that its Friday and they don’t work weekends, I should wait till the following week which definitely can’t work, am expecting guest over the weekend! He chorused.

Seriously, honestly do not think you should over work yourself over nothing, hairline cracks are easy to fix. You don’t need a pro, just get it done with this following DIY steps:

First, create a deeper hairline crack (using a scraper or screwdriver) before starting the repair work. This could look counter-productive but as it is said before a seeds germinate and grow, it first needs to die. By doing this it opens up the crack so loose concrete, old filler or paint could be cleaned out, allowing the filling solution fill up the crack properly before mending.

Next, fill up the crack using a filling solution; make sure it covers the entire crack, you would want to even up the surface using a scrapper; you do not want that spot looking rough or bulging out do you? 
Allow the filling dry out and once dried sand it down properly so the surface is even and smooth.
Lastly, apply paint; make sure to use quality paint and if double coating allow the first coat dry properly before coating for the second time

Got any more DIY tricks to fixing a crack, a question or something you want to let us know...

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